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Your Ultimate Home Building Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Heirloom Builders Guide to Eau Claire Home Building

Want to learn the process of building a new home? This home building checklist is free to download and provides a list of steps along with estimated timelines.

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Your Premium
Eau Claire Home Builders Guide

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Planning your dream home? You'll need a checklist. At Heirloom Builders, we keep it simple. There's your list for what you need to decide, and our list for building. We make it easy, so your dream home is hassle-free.

A New Home Building Checklist For Chippewa Valley Home Builders

This page details everything you'll need to do before construction begins on your own custom home in Wisconsin. 


Remember, your dream home starts with a home building checklist.  Whether it's your decisions or our construction process, the step-by-step guide is the key to a stress-free and exceptional home-building journey.

Setting Your Home Building Budget

Explore construction loan options for building expenses and prepare a down payment. Don't rush – consult with your financial adviser to discuss mortgage options and secure favorable interest rates.

Finding the Right Land

In rural areas, consider costs for utility connections and assess road accessibility. This step is crucial in your Chippewa Valley home building journey.

Buy Materials

Eau Claire general contractors will find new home building supplies from local lumber yards.

Designing Your Dream Custom Home

As you approach the house design phase, you have options. Choose pre-made floor plans, hire an architect for custom floor plans, or collaborate with a general contractor like Heirloom Builders. Your list of ideas will play a crucial role in bringing your dream home to life.

Choosing Your Chippewa Valley Home Builders

Heirloom Builders is a trusted home builder in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We take your dreams and turn it to your custom heirloom home.


Get Started

Building Today

Get Started Building Today with Heirloom Builders - Your Eau Claire Home Building Experts. Use our home building checklist as a starting point.





Leave It To Your Eau Claire Home Builders

After securing a home building checklist, a builder and floor plans,  your project to skilled general contractors can take over. They oversee the building site and manage the entire project on your behalf.

Apply & Obtain Building Permits

Before breaking ground, your plans undergo inspection, and a crucial building permit is issued. Partnering with seasoned local contractors and architects expedites this process, ensuring a smooth start to your home-building journey.

Prepare Your Land

It could be a breeze or need some extra effort, like clearing trees, bushes, and rocks, demolishing old structures, leveling the ground, and making sure there's good drainage if there's groundwater. Plus, outlining where your home will stand.

Navigating Inspections

Local building officials drop by to make sure everything's up to code. It's a routine check to ensure the new home build stays on track.

Laying the Foundation

The type of foundation depends on your house and the ground. Utility pipes and wiring get installed too. Best to have good weather to let the foundation dry out completely at this stage.

Frame It Up

After the foundation is set, it's time for the framing. Wooden frames for most houses, though some might go for structural steel. This is where you'll start to see the shape and size of your new home take form.

Exterior Transformation - Masonry and Siding

Your new custom home takes shape when the exterior masonry and siding go up. This completes the weatherproofing and also transforms your house into a real building.

Top It Off - Adding the Roof

Swiftly securing the roof is crucial for weatherproofing. This step is the last step for potential set backs due to weather, so let's get it done before any a delays rain on our parade.

Behind the Scenes - Plumbing, Electrics, and Ductwork

After the exterior walls are up, it's time for the behind-the-scenes work. Plumbing, electrics, and HVAC ductwork get installed. They won't be connected to the main systems yet, but we're setting the stage for what's to come.

Installing Insulation with Spray Foam Option

Make your home extra cozy by choosing spray foam insulation. It's a modern option that ensures tight coverage, superior energy efficiency, and a comfortable living space in your future dream home.


With chilly winters in the Chippewa Valley, proper insulation, like the efficient spray foam option, not only keeps you warm but also slashes those utility bills. It's the secret weapon against the cold, making your dream home in Eau Claire both comfortable and cost-effective.

Ceilings and Walls Revealed

As we dress up the interiors with drywall, your rooms come to life. It's the exciting moment when you can truly feel the size and character of your dream home's living spaces.

Adding Personality - Interior Painting

Depending on the room layout, painting may happen before or after the next stages, offering some flexibility based on your Eau Claire subcontractors availability.

Polishing the Perimeter - Final Exterior Work

As we gear up for the final leg of your home building checklist journey, we put the finishing touches on the outer charm of your abode:

  1. Lay a driveway for a welcoming entrance

  2. Plant trees or shrubs to add a touch of nature

  3. Create a pond or pool for serene outdoor spaces

  4. Lay garden paths for a picturesque landscape

  5. Plant grass for a lush and inviting yard

It's the grand finale to ensure your dream home boasts both allure and functionality, inside and out.

Powering Up - Completing Utility Hookups

As we near the finish line, a qualified electrician installs your light switches, fixtures, and air conditioning, while a trained plumber takes care of faucets and showers. Now, it's time to connect your home to utilities, ensuring running water and electricity throughout your dream home.

Adding Finishing Touches - Cabinets and Trim Installation

As we approach the finish line, we add the final touches with the installation of cabinets, trim, and any fitted wardrobes you've chosen. The kitchen and bathroom units, along with sinks, bathtubs, and shower units, complete the picture of your dream home.


Review a home building checklist keeps things on track and stress-free. If you're in the Chippewa Valley, Heirloom Builders is your go-to local builder. With a reputation for efficiency and trustworthiness, they turn dreams into homes. 

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Considering building on your own lot? Heirloom Builders home building checklist is not all, we also provide an array of ideal floor plans adaptable to your needs.

Heirloom Builders: Eau Claire Custom Homes

Bringing It All Together - Final Interior Finishes and Trim

  1. Install baseboards and molding

  2. Add stair rails for an elegant touch

  3. Hang towel rails and hooks for convenience

  4. Set up picture hooks to showcase your memories

  5. Install appliances for a functional kitchen

  6. Complete the final interior cleanup, making your dream home ready for its grand reveal.

Perform Inspection and Walkthrough

The final step to the home building checklist is to take a walkthrough of your property with your construction manager. They'll guide you through special features and system operations.

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Heirloom Builders

With a deep-rooted passion for constructing heirloom custom homes, we invite you to explore our journey of crafting dreams into reality. This Eau Claire home building checklist covers a lot of details. Reach out with any questions regarding custom home building or remodels. We are here to serve the Chippewa Valley. 

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